Campus Visit Video Series

AWP’s new online series, Campus Visit, features short, informal videos about life in our student members' creative writing programs.

Videos should be no longer than three minutes and should strive to provide the kind of info or advice you wish you had known before enrolling. What surprised you? What was not an expectation but you have since found invaluable? Students should submit videos in any format to Be sure to include your name and the name of your program director.

Your video may be featured in our social media, on our website, and as part of your school’s entry in our Guide to Writing Programs.


Featured Video

  • University of Notre Dame

    "We very much want to be part of our community, to learn from our community. That's what we're about." —Valerie Sayers, Professor of English

    The Creative Writing Program is a course of study with the flexibility for students to initiate a variety of literary lives through exposure to a range of aesthetics, a global literary orientation, course work in historical and contemporary literary forms, and interaction with visiting authors and scholars.


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Wilkes University

Rowan University

Queens College

Bowling Green State University

Naropa University

Spalding University

Cedar Crest College

Solstice at Pine Manor College

Fairfield University

Creative Writing at SUNY Oswego

Oregon State University-Cascades

San Jose State University

Goddard College

Chapman University

The New School

Austin Community College

Florida Atlantic University

The New York Arts Program


All the videos in this series are available on the Campus Visit Video Series Playlist.